Heritage Festival Hall of Fame

Festival chairwoman Betty Shinn was honored and roasted for her many years of volunteerism. She's the newest member of the Heritage Festival Hall of Fame. Shinn was honored at Friday's Old Timer's Breakfast.

"When I think of Betty I think of a tiger," said festival volunteer Gary Woods. She's admired for her energy, vitality and drive. Longtime co-worker, Cindy McGinnis said, "She's the only person I know who can do 10 things within 5 minutes."

The woman with a shoe and large jewelry fetish can be imitated, but not matched. Charmayne Dickhaut dressed in flashy clothes covered with pins did her best impersonation of the woman everyone loves.

The business woman has put in countless volunteer hours for numerous organizations, causes, and individuals. She touches lives at the local, state and national level. Good friend Carolyn Mitchell said in her honorary speech, "Her motto is if it's good for Nacogdoches and the citizens then Betty and her troop will get behind the cause or the event and she only settles for excellence and success."

There's no favorite cause, but Shinn has been with heritage festival for two decades. She recognizes the importance of historic preservation. In receiving the honor Shinn said, "Heritage Festival is so easy because there are so many wonderful volunteers. So many of you love the community like I do."

The wife, the mother and the grandmother shares her time to help others. For that she receives the attention that's only fit for a queen. Shinn was made an honorary Heritage Festival queen and presented her own crown. Everyone wonders if she'll wear it at Saturday's coronation.