Major League Fishing show talent interacts with East Texas fans

Updated: Mar. 11, 2017 at 6:21 PM CST
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Fans talk to boat officials. (Source: KTRE)
Fans talk to boat officials. (Source: KTRE)

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - As the last day of competition for the television show Major League Fishing" wrapped up Saturday, show officials and hosts met with East Texas fans.

The filming of the show was all the buzz this week which was a high kept secret and Saturday's Meet and Greet Event was the closest opportunity for fans to interact.

Fans like David Graven lined up early to ask questions and get autographs from his favorite show.Graven has been fishing since he was 35-years-old and said this event is real treat.

"I love that's it's in Nacogdoches. I just wish I had known sooner that they were here because it would've been a great opportunity," Graven said.

But like Graven, many people wanted to know the locations of the taping all under a well-kept secret. But fans were treated to a Meet and Greet event with boat officials who are score-keepers, and host Aly Akers.

The event is closest opportunity for fans to learn about the show. Unlike other competitions where spectators can cheer on their athlete, fans of this series have to wait until the show airs in the summer.

"I think that they get to come here and get to see wow, this angler sat in this boat and now I'm getting ready to touch this boat," Akers said.

Steve Solver's backyard overlooks Lake Nacogdoches, one of the locations of the taping. He said it was a surprise for his family to see them out of their back door.

"Shocked to see them on our lake because we're used to seeing them on television and other places, but not here. Never expected them to see them on Lake Nacogdoches," Slover said.

Major League Fishing features 12 of the top anglers in the country. Several fans walked away with giveaways signed by pro-anglers themselves. This episode will air in the summer.

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