Multiple road projects on tap for Deep East Texas

Multiple road projects on tap for Deep East Texas

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - TxDOT announced several projects that are now scheduled to take place across the Deep East Texas region.

During the projects, TxDOT is urging people to be cautious and mindful of the work.

A pre-construction meeting was held this week at the Lufkin District offices signaling that work is beginning on a new construction project located in Houston County.

The project is designed to reconstruct and widen pavement on FM 227, add rumble strips and safety treat fixed objects. Limits set for the work are from just east of US 287 to FM 3016; from US 287 to SH 21; and from just east of CR 1685 to SH 21.

Pinto Construction, contractor for the $3.1 million project, has begun setting barricades with plans to begin construction on April 17th, weather permitting, with work expected to be completed in about six months. This project is designed to enhance safety and improve traffic flow.

More projects include:


US 59/SL 287: Work is expected to begin that will have crews working to improve guardrails to design standards from BU 59 North to BU 59 South in Lufkin. Motorists should expect daily lane and shoulder closures along the east side of the SL 287.

SH 7/SH 103 West: Crews will repair road base that will require the westbound ramp at the intersection to be closed Monday through Wednesday.

SH 103 West: Work is planned to clean a box culvert and remove debris near FM 2021. Motorists should expect closures in westbound lanes.

FM 1818: Sweeping and debris removal.

Homer Alto Road: Crews will continue to work to replace the bridge and approaches at Boden Creek.

Various locations: Herbicide treatments.

Various locations: Sign maintenance.


US 59: Crews will complete mill and inlay and striping is scheduled through the project that has reconfigured the intersection and added a left and right turn lane at SL 224.

FM 1087: Crews will continue to rehabilitate the roadway on the east end as safety treatments are scheduled in coming weeks from FM 95 to US 259.


US 59: Mill and inlay operations are planned near SL 116 in Livingston.

US 59: Guardrail upgrades are planned that includes work on the shoulder north of Corrigan to the Neches River Bridge near Bear Creek.

US 190: Crews are scheduled to safety end treat fixed objects and apply hot mix from Onalaska to FM 2457.

Forrest Hills Loop/Horrace Bonds Road: Pilings are being driven at Forrest Hills Loop while the bridge at Horrace Bonds Road has been removed with detours in place as crews begin to replace the bridges and bridge approaches.

Wells Landing: New bridge beams are being set to replace the bridge at Duff Road and a box culvert is being completed at Revia Road that is part of a bridge replacement project located near Kickapoo Creek.

Punk Road/Old Bering Road: Crews are installing bridge railing and pilings on the bridge and approach replacement at Blue Branch.

Carmona Road: Crews will continue to work to replace bridges and approach railings at Brushy Creek.


US 59: Crews are scheduled to pave southbound lanes that will add an additional frontage road from just south of the Union Pacific Railroad overpass to just north of FM 2914.

FM 1127: Crews are replacing culverts and safety treating fixed objects from US 59 to the end of pavement.


US 84: Crews continue to work on storm sewer drains on the Louisiana side of the newly constructed Sabine River Bridge. Placement of the surface pavement is underway on east and westbound main lanes.

FM 415: Traffic will be shifted to the detour bridge as work is scheduled to begin on the bridge replacement at Bear Bayou.

FM 417: Work is scheduled from SH 87 to FM 139 to reconstruct and widen pavement. Crews will begin pulverizing existing pavement and adding flex base for the roadway.

CR 4256: Work is planned on bridge approaches at the tributary of Flat Fork Creek.

CR 4455: Slope work and seeding are underway at Spinney Creek and Shoat Creek bridges.

CR 4020: Beams have been placed and crews continue to construct bridge decks at Bear Bayou.

CR 4293: Beams have been placed and crews continue bridge decks at the tributary of Flat Fork Creek.


US 96: Crews are scheduled to begin cement treating the subgrade in northbound lanes from the Shelby County line to FM 3451. Southside lanes are near completion and traffic will be switched as work continues.

FM 705: Work is scheduled to safety treat fixed objects from SH 147 to the end of pavement.

SH 103: Mill and inlay work is planned in various locations throughout the week. Motorists should plan for possible delays through work areas.

SH 21: Earthwork continues for bridge replacements at Venado Creek and Perkins Creek. Shafts are scheduled to be set at Venado Creek.


US 287: Crews will continue to safety treat fixed objects from the Houston County line to SH 94.

FM 1617: Work is planned to level the roadway in various locations.


SH 21: Work is scheduled to remove concrete and undercut the eastbound main lanes in a construction project that is reconstructing pavement and adding passing lanes from 2.3 miles east of FM 2967 to SH 7 near Crockett.

SH 21 East: Crews are scheduled to continue work on installing driveway culverts and safety treating fixed objects from just south of SL 304. Daily lane closures are possible.

SH 7: Crews will apply fiber mulch, complete the slope grading and install guardrails and signs from just east of FM 232 to Kennard on a project that has reconstructed pavement and added passing lanes and shoulders.

SH 19: Work is scheduled to place sod, install driveway pipe and form and set box culvert extensions from SH 7 to 1.6 miles north of FM 231.

FM 227: Earthwork and cement treatment will continue on the subgrade and road base for the new bridge and approaches at Hickory Creek.

FM 227: Crews are scheduled to place barriers and prepare to begin work on a project that is designed to reconstruct and widen pavement from just east of CR 1685 to SH 21.

Mission Tejas: Seal coating is scheduled at the new the entrance road and visitors center parking lot within the Mission Tejas State Park.


US 96: Base repair is planned throughout the week  from FM 1 to SP 414.

FM 1: Work will continue on a box culvert at the south end of the project that has provided additional paved surface width from SH 184 to SS 1.

For more information, contact or (936) 633-4395.