Lufkin couple recovers from car wreck with faith and love

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - It's been four weeks since Father Ralph Morgan started back at his job as rector of St. Cyprian's Episcopal Church in Lufkin.

"It was hard," said Ralph Morgan. "It hurt. But, to be back at the altar, to be able to look at our congregation, our family, again from upfront, was just a wonderful joy."

On the night of December 19, Ralph and his wife, Terri, were driving down Highway 59, when an 18-wheeler pulled out of Texas Timberjack and stopped in the median. The trailer, blocking both southbound lanes, wasn't well lit. The Morgan's crashed headlong into it's side. 

But, in their time of tragedy, comfort came almost immediately.

"I was life lighted directly to Tyler, to the emergency room in Tyler, and when I got there, there were already people from the church there," said Ralph Morgan.

Ralph suffered multiple broken ribs and other fractures in his legs and arms. His wife, Terri, shattered her wrist as well as other major bones. Both of them had no idea they would ever experience such pain. Ralph found himself questioning God while in the hospital.

"Why God, why did you let this happen to us," said Ralph Morgan. "My main focus was Terri. Why did you let this happen to her?"

Over the last several months, this couple has started to get back to their normal life. But, still remember the time they spent recovering in a hospital and leaning on one another for support.

"I remember, about all we could do was kinda hold hands across the abyss of hospital beds," said Terri Morgan. "I'm a little more competitive than Ralph is, so I would challenge him to do things in therapy. And, then it was time to come home."

The Morgans stayed strong by helping each other and holding onto the idea of a positive future.

"We have always maintained hope," said Terri Morgan. "We don't know what the future will hold for us, but we know it will be blessed."