Affidavit: Huntington man threatened friend of estranged wife, set his yard on fire

Affidavit: Huntington man threatened friend of estranged wife, set his yard on fire

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Deputies with the Angelina County Sheriff's Office arrested a 47-year-old man Monday in connection to allegations he used his vehicle to block a friend of his estranged wife from driving home after he set fire to the man's yard on June 20.

Derek Anthony Clark, of Huntington, was booked into the Angelina County Jail on a third-degree stalking charge Monday. He was released from the jail a day later after he posted a bail amount of $7,500.

According to the arrest affidavit, am ACSO sergeant spoke to the victim in the lobby of the sheriff's office on June 20. The man said he wanted to file a terroristic threat charge on Clark for something that had happened earlier that day.

The victim told the ACSO sergeant that he later learned that his friend is Clark's estranged wife.

Two weeks ago, the victim and Clark's estranged wife were sitting in his pickup in the parking lot of a local school. They noticed Clark walking toward the front of the truck from behind them, and when the woman got out of the pickup on the passenger side, Clark pushed her to the ground and climbed into the passenger seat, the affidavit stated.

The victim told the ACSO sergeant that he wasn't sure what Clark's intentions were, so he took his handgun out of the console.

"[The victim] stated he did not point this at [Clark], but when [Clark observed the handgun, he immediately exited the vehicle," the affidavit stated.

According to the affidavit, the victim said he was driving on the road to his home with his children in the vehicle with him on June 20, he spotted a dark-colored Chevrolet Colorado, the same vehicle Clark drives, heading toward his vehicle.

Clark allegedly stopped in front of the victim and got out carrying what appeared to be a pipe wrench. He signaled the victim to get out of the vehicle and come to him, the affidavit stated.

At that point, the victim reversed the vehicle, so he could get away from Clark. The man told the ACSO sergeant that both of his young children were in the car, and he feared for their safety, the affidavit stated.

The victim decided to go to the sheriff's office to report the incident. On his way to the sheriff's office, he was stopped at a red light on Frank Street, and he saw Clark stop at the same traffic light. When Clark's light turned green, he allegedly drove into the middle of the street and stopped in front of the victim's truck.

Then Clark pointed at the victim and made a slitting motion across his throat, the affidavit stated. Clark allegedly then continued through the intersection, pulled into a parking lot and gave the same hand gestures to the victim.

Once the victim's light turned green, he drove straight to the sheriff's office.

After the victim made his report, he returned home and found multiple cans of gasoline lying around his yard and a large burned area near the side of his house, the affidavit stated. It looked as though a section of his yard had been set on fire and then extinguished. The victim also told authorities he found another gas can sitting inside his opened front door.

"[The victim] stated that he did not leave his front door open to his home and believed that this was the reason he found [Clark] on his road earlier in the day," the affidavit stated.

Later, the ACSO sergeant called Clark's estranged wife, and she said that after she learned about the incident at the victim's home, she called Clark and asked him about it. She said Clark admitted to going to the victim's home, the affidavit stated.

The sergeant also spoke to one of the victim's neighbors. She told the ACSO sergeant that she was home on June 20, and she saw a black Chevrolet Colorado leaving the victim's residence, the affidavit stated. She allegedly said the man in the Chevrolet was wearing the same kinds of clothing the victim had described.

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