"ICE" Numbers Can Help Emergency Workers Contact Families

Three letters may be all you need to get a family member or close friend contacted if you were involved in an emergency situation. "ICE" stands for "in case of emergency." And if those numbers are in your cell phone, it makes it easier for law enforcement and EMS to contact someone quickly after an incident.

Lufkin Police Department Corporal Wes Ross says that having ICE numbers in your cell phone can assist EMS workers in treating patients in the field. "Well, with us, paramedics, firefighters, we come up on a person the's unconscious or unable to communicate with us for some reason, diabetic problems, they have a cell phone with them. We can look that up and get an emergency contact person that can give a medical history or let us know why this person may be in this condition."

Phone numbers labeled as "Mom," "Dad," or "Sister" may seem like an obvious choice for workers to call, but it's not. Corporal Ross said, "My mother's 72 years old with a heart condition, I don't want somebody contacting her first."

With numbers labeled "ICE," authorities don't have to wonder if they're calling the right person. It's also a good idea to have more than one ICE number listed. You can label them as "ICE 1," "ICE 2," "ICE 3," and so on. It's just another way for your cell phone to help in emergencies.