Lufkin Host Lions Club Gets A Special Presentation

Members of the Lufkin Host Lions Club now know a little more about life in Iraq.

A slide show presentation featured scenes from General Mike Taylor's most recent visit to the Middle East. General Taylor visited about 3,500 Texas Army National Guard soldiers.

He says our soldiers are doing well and have good living conditions, but many wish more of the folks back home knew about some of the good things happening overseas.

General Taylor, 36th Infantry Division Commander, said, "The soldiers are very proud of what they're doing, they do sense the support, especially from their families back here. The only thing that they ask me about is why do 'we only get negative things that are publicized'. They're very proud of the good things that they have done and the progress that's been made, and probably that's the only negative thing from those soldiers."

General Taylor got back from his last trip to Iraq May 22nd. His next trip will be to Afghanistan sometime in the fall, where 700 Texas Army National Guardsmen are serving.