Lufkin gear manufacturing company aims to expand, add jobs

Lufkin gear manufacturing company aims to expand, add jobs
Photo: KTRE
Photo: KTRE

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - It's been two years since two East Texas men took a chance and started a gear manufacturing business in Lufkin. The company started at around the same time as the layoffs -- mostly at GE, Oil and Gas.  Now, LufTex Gears is reporting growth and expansion.

Vice President of Engineering and Operations Scott Franks said the business if growing through the foundational help of the community.

"There was some down-sizing within Lufkin Industries after the GE acquisition and I think there was a genuine concern of how all that may wash out," Franks said.

Bringing in at least 50 years of experience, Franks along with his partner Albert Stokely took risk to start their own gear manufacturing and services company and provides services for industrial gearboxes  just over two years ago.

"You know we knew that we didn't have the resources to do it. But we took that idea to some local people in town that could help us generate the financial resources that we would need to start something like this," Franks said.

Those resources have now helped the company reach a new level.  The gear manufacturing company is reporting growth and expansion aiming to add more jobs where they are tapping into a pool of people with specific skills who were affected by the layoffs.

"We have picked up some that were actually at home when we brought them on," Franks said.

They plan to double the size of their facility by installing bigger cranes and adding services, along with growing their manufacturing sector.

"What's been in Lufkin, Texas with the Foundry, Lufkin Industries (is) there's been a core group of people that through the years have acquired that talent and it's still here," Franks said.

Currently, LufTex Gears has 19 employees, and their goal is to double that number.

Last month, the Angelina County Commissioner's Court approved a tax reduction that will help make improvements to the company's property.

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