Tyler Soldier and Church Help Educate Children In Afghanistan

Many East Texas children are now back in school. On the other side of the world, many Afghani kids were not so fortunate, until recently. One Tyler soldier, his men, and his church, are making it their military mission to transform at least one school house.

Last February, as part of his mission, Major Pierre Fenrick arrived in what he was told was a nice, middle class Afghani neighborhood, people living their dream. What he saw, though, seemed more like a nightmare. They have no water. They have wells outside. They have electricity, but no air conditioning. Also, Major Fenrick saw families living in the bombed remains of Russian barracks.

One day, the major and his men came across a school. There were Classrooms with just four textbooks, and children who had never owned a pencil. So, he contacted his wife, telling her that he thought they needed to adopt the school.

That's where Faith Community Church in Tyler stepped in. The church sent 14 giant boxes filled with school supplies to children whose names they did not even know. With the supplies, soldiers passed out government backpacks with a message saying the U.S. and Afghanistan are friends.

With the school adoption, the school master was given one rule. If they don't support the girls school, they would close down the boys school.

Major Fenrick has completed his duty in Agfhanistan, but the work of his men and the church to help Afghani children is not over. The major says it will not be until they can enjoy the same freedoms as his children here in America.