Soldiers Search For Lost Loved Ones

While husbands are looking for their wives and brothers are looking for their sisters, the State of Louisiana is trying to find entire families of its National Guardsmen. It's a tough job, considering thousands of hurricane victims are still unaccounted for.

U.S. Army National Guardsmen, Staff Sgt. William Todd, said, "What they can do is call back to the rear detachment headquarters in their state. They can give us names of their family members and that might make it a little bit easier for us to pass these names down through our chain of command here in Texas, and say, 'hey, we're looking for this family'."

Deployed service members can also get information about their families. Many soldiers from Lufkin and Nacogdoches hadn't been home for long when they were called to duty in New Orleans after last week's storm...proving, work for a National Guardsman never ends.

"We do have some military soldiers that were on an MP mission for over a year and a half active duty, and they've only been back for two or three months. They were just kind of getting blended back in to the family way of life; now, here they are back over in Louisiana serving. They're doing it proudly - they all answer the call."

Families of deployed and activated soldiers and airmen can call the following numbers to register their location and contact information:

The National Guard Bureau at 888-777-7731; Louisiana National Guard Office of Family Programs at 866-647-3617, (318) 647-5429 or (318) 647-5428.

You may also send a fax to (318) 641-3341 (please include service member's name and unit). Also, send an e-mail to or