Woodville city council member clears up meat packing company questions

Woodville city council member clears up meat packing company questions
Updated: Jun. 5, 2018 at 6:42 PM CDT
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TYLER COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Some Tyler County residents are concerned about rumors surrounding a new business set to open in their community.

East Texas Packing Company LLC could start operations as early as next fall.

Jim Spencer is only one of the many Tyler County residents who say they've heard rumors that a "halal" style meat packing company is coming to town.

Halal is a process of preparing meat from an exclusively Muslim staff.

City council member, Amy Bythewood, was present when the meat packing company presented their case. She said the halal rumor is false.

"My understanding is that this is going to be secular," Bythewood said. "It will not be any type of religious base. I don't think that's appropriate for this area."

Spencer is still suspicious of the nature of the discussions.

"If this were as great a deal as everybody wants us to believe it is, that's promoting it, why weren't they shouting from the rooftops?" Spencer said. "Look what I've done for Tyler County."

Bythewood said that this how business must be conducted for land discussions.

"It is always an executive session because if something is discussed that could impact the deal, it could kill the deal. It could make somebody want to sell property for more," Bythewood said. "Then, what happens, is the city could be held liable."

The group had approached the city back in February asking for help treating wastewater, but the company recently chose a different location to build. The new location will be in the Tyler County Industrial Park.

"Now that they're north of town, they are in a location that is outside the city limits, but it's within our customer service base," Bythewood said. "Therefore, if they apply for services within the city, as long as it's manageable, the city has to provide services."

Bythewood said she hopes to clear up any other questions on Monday at Woodville's city council meeting.

In a press release, the company stated that they would eventually be hiring over 200 employees locally with salaries as high as $35 an hour.

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