Restaurant Report - Angelina County - 06/21/18

Source: Raycom News Media
Source: Raycom News Media
Updated: Jun. 21, 2018 at 6:31 PM CDT
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Chipotle at 1813 Tulane: 6 demerits for knife racks not clean, sanitizer solution not at right level, and cold hold at wrong temperature.

Big's No. 3811 at 2701 N. Raguet: 5 demerits for fan covers in walk-in cooler needed to be cleaned, self-closure device needed on restroom doors, damaged ceiling tiles needed to be replaced, AC vent leaking water, general clean for dumpster area, lids needed for all dumpsters, grease trap needed to be cleaned, chemical test strips needed, high-gloss paint needed in food prep area and restrooms, and trash can needed in women's restroom.

Brookshire Brothers No. 5 Deli/Bakery at 816 N. Timberland: 3 demerits for damaged FRP on walls needed in prep room.

Katherine Sage Temple at 101 Maynard: 2 demerits for damaged counter near three-compartment sink, general clean of floor needed, and pan storage desk needed to be repaired.

Brookshire Brothers No. 5 Meat Market at 816 N. Timberland: 2 demerits for damaged ceiling boards with chipped paint and rusted areas, slope needed along wall and floor for draining and fan covers in prep room needed to be cleaned.

Dairy Queen at 202 N. Temple Drive, Diboll: 1 demerit for water-damaged tiles needed to be repaired and self-closure device needed for rear exit door.

Kennedy Health and Rehab at 504 N. John Redditt: 1 demerit for chipped paint on wall near dishwasher.

Livewell Athletic Club at 1616 Tulane Drive: 0 demerits.

Great American Cookie at 4600 S. Medford: 0 demerits.

Corn Dog 7 at 4600 S. Medford: 0 demerits.

Brookshire Brothers No. 5 (grocery and produce) 0 demerits.

Noah’s Ark at 1500 Frank: 0 demerits.