Huntington High School students prepare for international NASA competition

Source: Peggy Albritton
Source: Peggy Albritton
Updated: Jun. 23, 2018 at 6:06 PM CDT
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Source: Peggy Albritton
Source: Peggy Albritton

HUNTINGTON, TX (KTRE) - Two Huntington High School students are gearing up for a global competition with quite a few out of this world ideas.

In just over a month, Ethan Collins and Logan Morris will be competing in NASA's International Space Settlement Design Competition, at Florida's NASA space center.

Both students journey into space started last March, when they competed at the competition's regional event.

"I was on the structure team and our job was to design the structure of the settlement," Morris said.

Morris and Collins were placed on different teams and asked to use multiple kinds of engineering skills, to create a plan for a human settlement in space.

"Agricultural production, waste management, clean water, clean atmosphere," Collins said. "But, then you have to throw in a twist that space offers, like zero gravity situations and engine propulsion."

Over 200 students from Texas and Iowa competed in the regional competition, but, Collins' and Morris' teacher, Peggy Albritton, knew her students would be two of the 12 to move on.

" Both kids showed interest in research and in development type activities," Albritton said.

Albritton said that both students prepared for the first competition by learning things like 3D design technology.

"She just lets us loose and learn as much as we possibly can and soak in all the information," Collins said.

Information that Albritton believed will help them later on in life.

"This is real world, hands on experience, that will benefit them for the rest of their lives, no matter what field they go into," Albritton said.

The competition in Florida will give the students five days to finish, compared to the 24 hours from the first competition.

"That just means we get sleep," Morris said.

And, more time to make friends.

"I'm kind of excited for it because I get to talk to people from around the world," Morris said. But, the language barrier is going to be a tough one to get over."

Competitors for the international event will include Asia, Australia, Africa, Europe and others.

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