Former motto 'In God We Trust' to return to Angelina County tax statements

Former motto 'In God We Trust' to return to Angelina County tax statements
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - When residents of Angelina County receive tax statements later this October, they will notice something familiar - the return of the original motto 'In God We Trust."

Eight months ago, residents saw the phrase on their tax statement changed to read "Believers Serving Our Citizens". It raised concerns from many in the community, including Sheriff Greg Sanches, to the tax assessor Billie Page.

"It was my first lesson on politics and it was a part I knew that I wouldn't like," Page said.

At one point, the four words once caused several residents to voice their opinions.

"I opened my tax statement. The "In God We Trust' has been taken off," Sanches said.

Page said this instance has been a lesson learned.

"It sparked a controversy, and it sparked off an attack on me and that was not his (referring to Sanches) intention," Page said.

Tax statements eight months ago showed four printed words "Believers Serving Our Citizens" replacing the previous motto "In God We Trust."

Page said she immediately took action. After discussing with her staff, Page said all subsequent tax statements will restore the original motto "In God We Trust."

"But I survived it. I'm stronger for it. And Greg and I have reached out and talked to each other. We greet each other. We run into each other, and I think we have a good relationship because I know I can rely on this man," Page said.

Both Sanches and Page explained what was once a cause for division has now forged a new bond.

"Billie and myself, we have a service heart and that showed through the way she (referring to Page) handled this," Sanches said.

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