Restaurant Report - Nacogdoches - 06/28/18

Restaurant Report - Nacogdoches - 06/28/18
Updated: Jun. 28, 2018 at 6:35 PM CDT
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Texas Travel Plaza at 4010 South Street: 10 demerits for backflow preventers needed for outside hoses, microwaves not clean and sanitary, outside lights and tires needed to be discarded, scattered trash needed to be picked up, lids needed for dumpsters, water-damaged or missing ceiling tiles needed to be repaired or replaced, urinals in men's bathroom needed to be repaired, and weeds and grass not mowed and/or maintained.

El Lindo Mexico at 1102 Southeast Stallings Drive: 10 demerits for prep cooler not at minimum temperature, foods not covered in coolers, use-by dates needed, soap and paper towels needed for back hand wash sink, and one spatula needed to be re-cleaned and re-sanitized.

South Food Mart and Grill at 3220 South Street: 9 demerits for scattered trash near dumpsters, ceiling or floor areas not smooth and easily cleanable, two urinals in men's bathroom needed to be repaired, cups and paper goods not stored properly, cluttered storage area, and vents not kept clean.

Casa Tomas at 1514 North Street: 8 demerits for backflow preventer needed for outside hose, boxes and buckets of food stored improperly in coolers and storage areas, vents not kept clean, floor areas not smooth and easily cleanable, and grease spill behind dumpster needed to be cleaned up.

Chicken Express at 1614 North University Drive: 5 demerits for yellow solution needed to be re-labeled and utensils in hand wash sink.

Brendyn's at 108 East Hospital: 5 demerits for spray bottle with clear solution not labeled, hand towels needed at hand wash sink. The commissary was listed as compliant.

Wingstop at 4909 North Street, Suite 206: 5 demerits for test strips not registering proper parts per million, paper towels needed for all hand wash sinks.

Auntie Pasta's at 211 Old Tyler Road: 4 demerits for visible thermometers needed for prep coolers, one utensil needed to be re-cleaned and re-sanitized, and ceiling tiles near dishwasher not kept clean.

Jalisco Tacos at 1003 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd: 4 demerits for four-rule chart for cut produce needed, back door area needed to be weatherproofed, and walls or door areas not smooth and easily cleanable.

Panda Café at 1224 North Street: 3 demerits for visible thermometers not provided for all coolers, refrigerators, and freezers and floor areas not smooth and easily cleanable.

Nine Flags Coffee Roasters at 601 East Main: 3 demerits for thermometer needed for small up-front cooler, and hand towels needed in bathroom.

Snow Fox Sushi at 1215 North Street: 3 demerits for paper towels needed at hand sink and sink faucet needed to be repaired.

UR Chef of Nacogdoches at 309 Commerce - Mast parking lot: 0 demerits.

Jojo's Meat on a Stick at 4506 North Street: 0 demerits.

Mr. Jeri’s Wellness Center at 4822 University Drive: 0 demerits.