Lufkin church puts fun spin on fundraiser by having a "Hymnathon"

Lufkin church puts fun spin on fundraiser by having a "Hymnathon"
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - The usual Sunday morning line up of three or four church hymns were thrown to the wind Saturday morning, as the choir at St. Cyprian's Episcopal Church powered through their first "Hymnathon".

"I don't think anyone will be in the choir because our voices will be completely shot," said choir member, Bernard Hylands.

The cause of the "Hymnathon" is one close to the choir's hearts.

Funding was recently donated for a set of hand bells, but it didn't quite cover shipping.

"We looked at what other churches were doing for fundraisers, and we saw St. Mark's Cathedral in Seattle was doing what they call a Hymnathon," said music minister, Greg Simmons.

But, how many hymns make a "Hymnathon"?

"We have over seven hundred hymns in our hymnal," said St. Cyprian's rector, Ralph Morgan. "And, we only get about 40 or 50 hymns in a year's time."

It's more than just a fundraiser, singers see the goal as a refreshing change.

"We tend to sing in a more formal and traditional style," Hylands said. "We usually dress up in fancy robes, so it's kind of nice just to sit down here and sing some fun stuff for a change."

It's ideas like this that St. Cyprian's youth minister, Jordan Dietz, see as fuel for the future for church's like St. Cyprian's.

"Out of the box thinking like this is almost ideal for church's like us because we're such a traditional church that this is not something that we normally do," Dietz said. "To see something like this going on, it kind of brings life to the church."

By sponsoring singers and paying for specific hymns, the event raised almost $2,000.

In total, the event lasted for about 7 hours.

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