What Ellen Trout Zoo does to keep animals safe during fireworks show

What Ellen Trout Zoo does to keep animals safe during fireworks show
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - For the last few decades, Lufkin's firework show has drawn huge crowds to the area outside of Ellen Trout Zoo.

But, even though we might enjoy the bright flashes of color and sound, the animals in the zoo are tucked away inside with a team of zoo keepers watching over them.

"The animals typically are not disturbed by the fireworks," said zoo curator, Celia Falzone. "It's a lot of noise. To them, it's probably similar to a really bad storm."

Because of the event, the zoo has extended their hours, but come show time, most of the animals will be out of sight.

"There are a number of animals that get brought in at night, and they'll all be secured in their normal places and everything," Falzone said.

Zoo staff stated that more people will be keeping watch over the animals.

"We don't do anything special we just make sure they're okay," Falzone said. "We'll have people here, and we'll check on animals and make sure that they stay calm."

Mike Love, who's law firm has been sponsoring the show since 2006, feels confident the animals aren't hurt by the show.

"I'm sure some of the animals are a little bit confused or excited about all the fireworks going off, but other than a baby giraffe being born the first year, we've never had any problems," Love said.

But, they are prepared just in case the fireworks cause an animal extreme stress.

"Just because nothing happened before doesn't mean absolutely nothing will happen," Falzone said. "We're just putting in some protocols, making sure the animals are going to be safe in the area's they're familiar."

The zoo will be open until eight o'clock, a full hour before the fireworks are expected to go off.

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