Crockett police: Officer forced to shoot attacking dog

Source: Raycom News Media
Source: Raycom News Media

CROCKETT, TX (KTRE) - A police officer was forced to shoot a dog which tried to attack him on Friday, according to Crockett police.

According to Lt. Clayton Smith, the officer was dispatched to the 700 block of Bowie Street after a person said she had been having problems with the neighbor's aggressive dog running around. She said the dog had just charged at her granddaughter before he arrived.

According to Smith, the officer went to the dog's owner's house to issue a citation for animal at large and to ask her to secure the dog when the dog came out from behind the house and charged at the officer and tried to bite him. The officer backed up and sprayed it with pepper spray but the dog kept charging at the officer. the officer kept backing up, all the way to US 287, which was a busy highway and fired his gun and struck the dog in the face, according to Smith.

The dog then ran off but the officer found it and took it to a veterinarian.

Smith said a preliminary investigation showed the officer used as much restraint as possible before shooting the dog.

Smith released the following statement:

We currently do not have an animal control officer or an animal shelter in our city. The stray animal population has tripled in our city and has become a quality of life issue for our citizens. We have worked multiple dog bites this year as a result. Stray animals and vicious animal are becoming a serious problem for our citizens and our officers whom have to respond to these calls on a daily basis with limited resources to find a solution once they arrive on scene. This was an unfortunate incident for all that were involved.  We urge everyone in the city to please keep you animals secured or fenced in the city since this is a city ordinance and law in our city. As for the stray animals we hope the city will find a solution soon to that will help us cut down on the population of stray animals in our community.

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