Lufkin zoo showcased newborn Clouded Leopard cubs

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Two Clouded Leopard cubs, Jye and Raurava, made a special debut at Ellen Trout Zoo Saturday morning.

This was the first time this type of leopard was available to be viewed at the Lufkin zoo.

Most cats are good climbers, but the Clouded Leopard is near the top of its class.

"They are the best climbers in the cat family," said Collection Manager of the Asia and Primate Sections Ashley Orr.

During their debut to the public, the new born cubs showed visitors just how well they can climb.

"They can climb straight up, vertical, head first, downwards and they can even climb hanging upside down," Orr said.

Since the Clouded Leopards are an endangered species, employees at Ellen Trout Zoo began breeding them.

"We were told not to expect success this first time," said Orr.

The breeding process ended up being successful for the zoo employees.

In fact, there's a possibility of one cub leaving for The National Zoo.

"They will be paired up with their mates and then hopefully contribute to the population also," said Orr.

Amongst those excited to see the new cubs was Kaleigh Jordan, who drove all the way from Houston.

"I was like we're immediately coming here and coming to see that," Jordan said

Orr said a solid viewing schedule for the cubs has not yet been made.

In the meantime, the zoo's Facebook page will announce days the cubs are available for viewing.

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