Eagles' Lane Johnson ready to defend Super Bowl championship

Groveton's Lane Johnson prepares for training camp

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Lane Johnson is serious about helping the Philadelphia Eagles defend their Super Bowl championship.

He is so serious he skipped his annual off season trip to his hometown of Groveton. Instead, staying at his Oklahoma home with his wife and kids where he split what little time he had between the family and training.

"It is tough," Johnson said. "I would like to see my family but my main priority is to be the best tackle I can be. That is a sacrifice I made and that a lot of guys make every year."

Johnson and the Eagles were considered underdogs through out the playoffs and in the Super Bowl were able to beat the New England Patriots. Now as the top dog, Johnson is keeping the same mentality that he had last year.

"I really don't care what people think," Johnson said. "That really means nothing to me. As far as our team, I know we are talented. The way I look at it is, 'How did we attack last year.' We have a really talented team and we don't worry about stuff that we cannot control. I know it sounds cliche but that is the secret to maximize what you have. People say that we have a target on our back, but really we have a target on their face."

Johnson, never satisfied has been working on his mobility.

"My main worry is mobility," Johnson said. "When you play on the offensive line, we get beat up and our body is not in the right alignment. Mine has been working on my back and staying flexible."

As Super Bowl Champions, the Eagles  will get to open up the season on a special Thursday opener against the Atlanta Falcons.

"It is going to be awesome," Johnson said. "Atlanta is a great team. They were the toughest team we faced in the playoffs besides the Patriots. We played them close. It will be good to get back on the field with the guys and we should have a good year. It is when football is back. The off season flew by so fast that I feel at home with the guys on the field."

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