Lufkin Police: month of July shows record high for car burglaries

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - The Lufkin Police Department is reporting a spike in the number of car burglaries this month.

According to their records, the month of July has so far seen a total of 42 burglaries of motor vehicles, with stolen items including purses, wallets, and several guns.

"Of those, 29 were vehicles that were left unlocked," said Sergeant Rodney Squyres with the Lufkin Police Department.

Rhonda Cates said she was a part of that number, but now never leaves her car without locking it.

A few weeks ago, Cates said she was getting ready to take her daughter on a morning errand, when she noticed something missing from her car.

"I went back in the house because I was trying to find my sun glasses and she came out," Cates said. "And, my daughter was like, Mom, did you lock the car last night? And, I said, yeah, I thought I did."

Cates admitted now that she must have forgotten to lock the car because no signs of forced entry were found.

"The middle console was flipped up and you could tell someone had rummaged through it," Cates said.

Three pairs of sunglasses were allegedly stolen.

But, Cates said that after reading LPD's post she now knew she wasn't the only one to have this experience

"I was like man, this is happening more and I think it's due to people are just getting desperate," Cates said. "And, they think that's their only way is to cheat somebody else out of what they have."

According to Squyres, the best defense is an easy one.

"If you have anything of value certainly lock it," Squyres said. "Especially guns, you should never leave guns in your vehicle overnight."

The police's report detailed that several guns were stolen from vehicles.

"It's everywhere," Cates said. "It's just sad. It's really sad that we can't live like we used to when we used to leave our doors unlocked at night."

According to police statistics, the monthly average for burglaries of motor vehicles was 20, compared to this month's 42.

The report also showed that July of 20-5 was the last time that the Lufkin area saw a spike in BMVs, with a total of 48.

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