Nate Newton on social media: 'Never would of won 3 Super Bowls'

Updated: Jul. 29, 2018 at 9:57 PM CDT
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OXNARD, CA (KTRE) - A lot has changed since the last time Nate Newton won a Super Bowl with the Dallas Cowboys.

That win was in 1996 when Dallas beat  Pittsburgh is Arizona in Super Bowl XXX. That was way before social media and Newton said that might have been for the best.

"It's easy to say things that are out of line," Newton said. "Watch what you say to the media. "We would have never won three super bowls, We'd stay suspended, we'd a stayed in trouble probably would have got one super bowl that was it."

While Newton's playing days are long over, he still holds a special place in his heart for the blue and silver. He is a regular at team events.

"What I  like about this team this year is they're back it's a youth movement," Newton said. "Regardless of what the record is if you see great improvement this year. I know that next year is gonna be greater, but I think this team is good enough to get to the playoffs with the youth especially with on defense. With the youth then going to the 10 plus win seasons going back to back to back. That ain't happened since I played."

The teams Newton were on had a special bond. That era of Cowboys is seen as one of the greatest teams in the franchise's history. Newton is hoping one of his long-time friends can help the team find that winning tradition. That friend is current head coach and former Dallas Cowboy Jason Garrett. Newton is hoping this latest youth movement is a Renaissance for the team.

"The game ain't never the same," Newton said "When your the same you're just getting older. We lost Jason Witten who was a  good guy but been a great teams guy forever, but Swaim and the other kids they can do this."

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