Credit card 'skimmer' found at Nacogdoches convenience store

Credit card 'skimmer' found at Nacogdoches convenience store
Pictured is an example of a card skimmer.

From the Nacogdoches Police Department

NACOGDOCHES, TX (News Release) - Nacogdoches Police have been alerted to the discovery of a credit card skimmer on a gasoline pump at a local business.

On Friday, Officers were called to the Valero at 3003 Durst Street. Employees had discovered the skimming device that had been installed internally. It was removed and taken into custody by police. It is believed that the device was installed after August 6th.  It is the fourth such device found at this location since December, 2017.

"Skimmers" are unauthorized electronic devices installed by criminals to gather credit card data from customers. The criminals can download the information using blue tooth technology. All persons should always monitor their credit and debit cards for unauthorized activity. Report any suspicious activity to your bank or credit card company and the police.