SFA's Chris Wilkerson enjoys All-American status while remaining under the radar

SFAs Chris Wilkerson enjoys All-American status while remaining under the radar

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - At a normal SFA football practice, spectators will hear any number of names.

The names could be of a play call or a code word for a position on the field. Then there are the names of players getting their names yelled out for making a mistake. In none of those scenarios will you hear the name of Chris Wilkerson.

As a long snapper, the fifth-year graduate student-athlete from Waller, Texas lays low at practice.

"The less I am called on, the better we are doing," Wilkerson said. "The less my name is called the better I am doing."

Wilkerson has done a god enough job for the 'Jacks that he has earned a STATS FCS preseason All-American nod this year.

"With a long snapper nobody is supposed to know who he is," Interim head coach Jeff Byrd said. "This is a great deal because you only know him when things are bad. This does not surprise me. Chris is involved with our student-government association. He works with our football program with graphics and all that. He is an intelligent young man and he will go far in whatever he does."

As a long snapper, the practices are not as hard as say a lineman. The down time between drills has Wilkerson and the other specialty players thinking of interesting snap ideas and what has developed is Wilkerson sometimes snapping a ball through a basketball hoop or into a moving laundry cart.

"As specialist we have a lot of time in the locker room and it came to us," Wilkerson said. "It started happening every week and every game.  It is not like we have meetings or anything. We just come up with it off the top of our heads."

On the field , that accuracy has gained some attention from pro scouts.

"It is a dream come true just to have your name and the NFL in the same sentence," Wilkerson said. "I will keep doing what I am doing but we will see how it goes."

Wilkerson and the 'Jacks will open the season on September 1 at Mississippi State.

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