Angelina County game warden remembers Hurricane Harvey

Angelina County game warden remembers Hurricane Harvey

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - In the days after Hurricane Harvey volunteers and first responders came to the aid of those in need.

One first responder being Angelina County Game Warden, Philip Wood.

On Thursday Wood was named the 2018 National Association of State Boarding Law Administrators (NASBLA) Texas Boating Officer of the Year, partly due to his rescue efforts after Harvey.

"I've never seen one impact Houston, Texas the way Hurricane Harvey impacted it and other surrounding counties," Wood said.

The hurricane reached so far it hit home here in Deep East Texas.

"I started out in Polk County and once we got that somewhat under control they sent me to Tyler County," said Wood.

Wood said he couldn't tell you how many people he rescued in the following days.

"There was nowhere for them to go, so that was our job to get them out of their homes and get them safe," said Wood.

A year later he was named the 2018 NASBLA boating officer of the year.

"It was a pretty special day," said Wood.

But it wasn't just Hurricane Harvey that got Wood this award.

It was the role he played every single day as a game warden.

"I went against some pretty stiff competition, but at the end of the day they picked me and I was blessed," said Wood.

Wood is coming up on his 16th anniversary of being a game warden. 

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