SFA running back getting recognition for selfless action away from the field

SFA running back getting recognition for selfless action away from the field
Source: KTRE Sports
Source: KTRE Sports

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - The SFA Lumberjacks wanted a victory on the field Saturday night but mother nature prevented that when the team's game against Tarleton State was canceled due to weather. That did not mean they would not get a victory away from the field.

On Sunday, like many people in East Texas do, Central Heights Softball Coach Kelly McLendon left her apartment for an evening church service.

"I pulled out and heard a weird noise so I pulled into the next driveway I could get to off of the road," McLendon said. "I had a flat tire. At that time, Jamall, who I didn't know at the time, came driving up and asked if I needed help."

Jamall would be Jamall Shaw, the SFA junior running back.

"He introduced himself and was very nice and wanted to help me," McLendon said. "It was perfect timing for him to pull up. It was an angle in disguise."

The two would work on getting the spare from underneath McLendon's vehicle but they could not get it loose. That is when Shaw decided it was time to help out in a bigger way.

"I was like, 'I will get my spare and she told me no.' and I was like, 'Nah you can have my spare," Shaw said. "There was no second thought. I have no spare but it was worth it. I will get another one."

McLendon was so impressed with the kind gesture that she quickly pulled out her phone.

"I knew he did not want anything from it but as a coach I would want to know when one of my players does something good. it is what we teach these students."

The picture was put on an instagram post and quickly started to get shared on twitter.

"We didn't get to play this week but I got that email this morning from a young lady about Shaw helping," Interim Head Coach Jeff Byrd said.  "We won this week when we do the right things for the right reasons we get a victory. "

Shaw was surprised so many people were impressed by what he did.

"Everybody helps out," Shaw said. "Everybody does kind acts. It just happened that i got a picture taken."

In this act of kindness instance both the giver and receiver are hoping to teach a valuable lesson.

"I just hope that people look past what is in front of them and see what is happening on the outside and recognize other people and see giving is good," McLendon said.

"I just got a picture snapped of me," Shaw said.  "Even if I got that or not, just treat people like you want to be treated. Go the extra mile and it goes a long way."

Shaw and the 'Jacks hope to win their first game of the season this coming Saturday at Incarnate Word in San Antonio.

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