A Silent Language

by Jessica Cervantez

Amanda Hopson, who is the deaf education teacher at Brandon Elementary, spends Thursday afternoons teaching young students how to sign. The kids are learning a lot of new skills.

Demarquez Hadnot, a third grader, said, "I can talk to my cousin because he is deaf, and I can learn more sign language."

Terry Mark, who is also a third grader, said, "I like coming to this class because there is a lot you can learn."

Alex Dupree, who is a fifth grader, said, "It's fun and I learn a lot, and I can go home and teach my sister, and my parents like to watch."

They even know how to sign all the words to "Silent Night." But don't be mistaken, they know much more than just Christmas words. By using their hands as their mouths, the students are making a statement in silence.

Mrs. Hopson is the deaf education teacher at Brandon Elementary. This is the first year for the afternoon program. Parents and grandparents are also participating.