Church Celebrates Black History

Folks came in bonnets, overalls, and some even wore suspenders at a special old fashion Sunday service at the Greater Shiloh Church in Lufkin, honoring black history month. "Often times our kids don't realize the history and the struggles our people of color have gone through and it was more of a reminder and kind of enhance them and let them understand people struggled and some people even gave their lives," says Pastor Lonnie Williams.

Sunday's ceremony brought smiles to faces in the audience, but the past is painful for those who lived it. "You had to cook, clean the house, care for the kids, feed the chickens, milk the cows, churn the milk, wash the dishes, bring in the wood, scrub the floors, you had to do everything ," says Jessie Scranton.

With the small amount of money 92 year old Jessie Scranton earned, she had to spend it at places that didn't appreciate her. "If you bought anything at the restaurant you had to eat outside you couldn't go inside and sit down," says Scranton.

Though the past is painful her faith wouldn't let her give up. "I don't have any regrets because I relied upon the Lord for everything," says Scranton.

Pastor Williams says we must never forget the struggles and black history month is to bring awareness to a cause, that has made this country a better place for all us to live. "The bottom line is if we need to keep Christ first, he was never about race," says Williams.