Former Assistant County Auditor Arrested

Seventy-year-old former Shelby County Assistant Auditor Marilyn Lout turned herself in. Authorities believe she took $190,000 from the county's indigent healthcare fund.

"Mrs. Lout surrendered herself with a bondsman and her attorney. She was booked and processed into the Shelby county jail and then released on bond," Shelby County Investigator Captain Michael Tollett said.

Lout was cooperative with authorities, but not with us. KTRE was there as Lout was released. Refusing to comment, Lout went out the jail's back door and got into a truck with her attorney, who wasted no time driving away.

"Well, it's always a surprising incident. You never think anything like that can happen, but it's unfortunate that it does. Money has a way of sticking to a person's fingers and you wish it wouldn't, but it just does," Shebly County Judge John Tomlin told us.

Lout is charged with engaging in organized criminal activity and theft and misapplication of fiduciary property, both first degree felonies. Her bond was set at $20,000 for each charge.

"You do have kind of a thought in your mind of why did this happen and why does it continue to happen. But I guess it happens all over the country when money's involved," said Tomlin.