Taking Care of Three Generations

It's a boy! And Shirley Dixon, a nurse at Memorial Hospital in Lufkin, is one of the lucky ones who gets to hold him.  Dixon has cared for generations of babies.  She has been a nurse for 38-years and she was only 19-years-old when she entered the field.

Dixon said, "It was decided for me.  I was working for someone for two weeks while they were on vacation, and when they got back someone else quit, and they offered me the job to work in the nursery.  I really didn't want to at first, but I did, and 38-years later I'm still here."

Carmen Soto is a Spanish speaking OB tech who is needed tremendously.  She plans to go onto nursing school so that she can be part of the labor and delivery team.

Soto said, "I love all the action, all the drama, the babies the patients, that the type of work."

The patients appreciate their kindness.

One patient said, "They've been helping during my delivery."

The soon to be nurse and the veteran nurse have one thing in common... they love what they do.  And, don't expect nurse Dixon to go anywhere as she celebrates her birthday.  She plans to be here for at least several more years.

This week is National Nurses Week.  A week set aside to honor nurses for all their hard work.