Biomass Plant Zoning Passed

Lufkin City Council members voted 5 to 2 to approve the zoning changes for the proposed North Lufkin biomass plant.

"This pretty much completes our zoning request issue on the 10 acre piece," said Aspen Power President Danny Vines.

Ten acres that he has been fighting to get changed from residential zoning to light commercial zoning. Vines says the zoning issue was the last major obstacle.

"It basically limits the use of the 10 acres for parking, a green tree area and a retainage pond."

In previous meetings, many Lufkin residents who were against the plant showed up to voice their concerns. But at tonight's public hearing, half the seats were empty. And when those against the zoning change were asked to speak, no one took the podium.

"I don't know why it was different tonight. Maybe they weren't aware that there was another reading. But we certainly had a chance to voice our opinion," said concerned Lufkin resident Bettie Kennedy.

Kennedy is one who has voiced her opinions before. Like many others, she's worried there may be health risks associated with building a plant in North Lufkin. But now that the zoning changes have been approved and the plant will be built, she will try to have a positive outlook.

"They've gotten our viewpoint and I think they will respect the citizens who voiced their viewpoints," said Kennedy.