Inmates Escape

Around 9 in the morning, 3 Nacogdoches County inmates walked out of the jail unnoticed.  Tonight authorities are in a full scale search to bring them back.

The three inmates are: Marcuese Tyler, 24-year-old, black male; Jose Portillo, 32-year-old, Hispanic male; and Antonio Martinez, 20-year-old, Hispanic male.

Nacogdoches County Sheriff Thomas Kerss said, "We don't necessarily believe the inmates are traveling together, we think they have split up once they left the confines of the jail."

Between 9 and 10 this morning, the men escaped through an unsecured door, crossed a recreational area, and climbed two fences.  Tyler has been the only inmate spotted in the community.  He was seen on Martin Luther King, Jr Boulevard right after 10 this morning.  He was wearing a white shirt and no shoes.

All the inmates were wearing orange jail jump suits when they escaped.

Portillo and Martinez are thought to be headed towards Mexico.  Boarder Control Agents have been notified to be on alert.

Martinez is in jail for a high profile racing accident that happened last year.  He is charged with 3 counts of intoxicated manslaughter steaming from an accident on North Street that killed two Lufkin men.

Sheriff Kerss says, "We are going to search and turn over rocks, and look behind the cracks till we find these three."

If you see any of these men, please contact your local authorities.  They are considered armed and dangerous.