Armour-Eckrich Plant Will Close Next Year

Amour-Eckrich Meats officials have announced their Lufkin plant will close March 14, 2008. Approximately 165 employees will have to look for new jobs.

"Well it's certainly not going to be good for our economy but we are living in the strongest economic times that Lufkin has ever enjoyed," said Lufkin mayor Jack Gorden.

For that reason, Gorden hopes the city can help Armour-Eckrich's employees find other jobs. Plant officials say they will work with local business to help their employees find new jobs. Even Angelina college plans to help out.

"As this type of thing has hit our community in the past, Angelina College has stepped up to the plate and helped bunches of folks retrain for different types of employment," Gorden said.

Lufkin has a reputation as a growing city with a thriving economy. Gorden says he doesn't think this latest plant closing will hurt that reputation.

"My message is that the future of Lufkin is bright and I want to encourage folks to hang in there," said Gorden.

Gorden knows the closing will be a temporary setback for many people. But in the end, he thinks it's an obstacle the city of Lufkin will overcome.