Lufkin Police Report - 11/13/07

CRIMINAL TRESPASS: 216 S. TIMBERLAND - TACO BELL. A man was scaring customers in the parking lot by soliciting money from them.  The suspect had been previously warned not to be on the property.  The suspect was located on the adjacent property by officers.  A warrant will be obtained for his arrest.

THEFT: 4600 S. MEDFORD - CLAIRE'S BOUTIQUE. An employee was caught by the store manager attempting to steal a pair of ear rings and a package of gel pens by placing them inside a trash bag along with the store's trash.  The employee ran away while the manager was attempting to call the police.

ASSAULT: 1000 BLOCK CAIN STREET. Victim advised that she was assaulted by her boyfriend, who she has lived with for 4 years.  Victim advised that he slapped her, shoved her, and then hit her in the chest.  The suspect then fled the scene.

THEFT: 2400 E. DENMAN - POLK'S PICK-IT-UP. A man stole a case of beer from the store and ran out the door with it.  A witness observed him get into a Silver Dodge car with another subject driving.  The witness was able to obtain the license number of the car.  The incident was captured on the store's video surveillance system.

HARASSMENT:  209 S. TIMBERLAND - BURGER KING. An employee has been receiving harassing and threatening telephone calls from an ex-roommate.  The roommate has been calling the victim on both her cellular telephone and her work telephone.