Former Football Coach Convicted Of Murder

Today, a Houston jury found a former football coach and SFA football player, guilty of killing his pregnant wife. In January 1999, a pregnant Katy High school teacher was found shot in the head in her master bedroom closet. Both the Nacogdoches native and her child died. Investigators believe 39-year old David Mark Temple shot and killed his wife in their Katy home. At the time of the crime, he told authorities he found his wife's body that morning along with a broken window at their house. Belinda Temple was eight months pregnant when she was killed, expecting the couple's second child. The shotgun blast shattered her entire cranial cavity and exited on the right side of her face, creating a 5-inch hole, according to her autopsy report. The couple's unborn baby girl, Erin, also died. Detectives soon learned Temple had been having an affair with a co-worker, Hastings ninth-grade teacher Heather Scott, whom he married more than two years after Belinda's death.

At the time of David Temple's arrest in 2004, investigators said the same gun powder found on his wife was also found on him. He was arrested and charged with murder. East Texans are keeping a close watch on the trial. The couple had ties to SFA, professor Dr. Ray Whorshom remembered David and Belinda as a loving couple who worked hard for him as graduate assistants at the SFA kinesiology department. They met as kinesiology majors. Temple proposed to her on the university's football field. They were married by his father in 1992.

Emotions in the courtroom were high as the jury read the verdict. The Temple family still mourns the loss of two people.

"Not only did we lose our daughter, Belinda, but we loust our granbaby too.  We never got to see our six pound baby girl.  [It's] very difficult," said Tom Lucas, Belinda Temple's father.

The sentencing phase of the trial is set to begin on Monday. Temple could face life in prison.