Parents of Murder Victim Pleased With Sentence

David Temple is going to jail for the rest of his life. The 39 year old former SFA football star and Katy football coach was found guilty last week for the 1999 shooting death of his pregnant wife, Belinda Lucas Temple. Belinda's family lives in Nacogdoches.

The father, Tom Lucas, wanted the maximum sentence of life in prison for his former son in law. He's disappointed the death penalty isn't an option.  Lucas explained,   " The reason the death penalty was not sought was the result that it wasn't double homicide, even though Belinda was pregnant with Erin about 8, 8-1/2 months pregnant. Little Erin already weighed 6 lbs. It happened before it became law in the state of Texas, an unborn is now considered an individual, so it was double homicide, in my opinion."

Lucas and Belinda's mother, twin sister and brother returned to Houston last night for the remainder of the trial. In addition to life in prison, Temple's sentence also included a $10,000 fine.