County Commissioner Questioned About Expenses

Commissioner Reggie Cotton was questioned by Nacogdoches County commissioners concerning a $174 hotel bill at the Marriott in Austin and a $56 reimbursement for fuel and meals. In open court Commissioner Tom bush and County Judge Joe English asked what the trip pertained to. Cotton was evasive in his answer. He said, "It was county business," but wouldn't be specific.  He then directed his opinion to the county judge.  " I will not be a part of a court that now we seem to have more disruptions and more problems since you've been here and animosity in this court and I'm sick of it. We shouldn't have it," said Cotton.

Judge English alleged out of court that Cotton was on NAACP business. Following the meeting Cotton denied the allegation and explained he was meeting with a corporate leader in hopes of having them come to a Juneteenth job fair. Cotton explained, " Those contacts would not be made from them other then through me and I think it's important I get the message to those people that can get back with me to get to them."

Cotton further stated in a letter, " Many areqa businesses have agreed to come to the job fair and let the graduates know what is available to them in their organizations." Cotton referred to meetings he's been having with a committee assigned to finding job opportunities for the youth of Nacogdoches County. Cotton voluntarily submitted a letter from the corporate representative he said he visited.  The person is his nephew, Corey Cotton, a marketing manager for Cintas.

The county auditor said all receipts and paperwork were properly filed, but Cotton's bills haven't been paid subject to commission approval. The commission tabled the matter. Commissioner Bush requested a full explanation for the trip. Cotton agreed to provide it in writing.