Englewood At Christmas

For years, residents in the Englewood neighborhood prided themselves on their Christmas decorations. 28 year Englewood resident, Doran Gipson told KTRE, "You could come into the neighborhood and basically turn off your lights of your car and just wander through the streets and just enjoy the Christmas spirit."

Almost everyone in the neighborhood participated. It was something people from around the area came to see. "We counted, there were like 280 to 290 houses that we considered part of our neighborhood, our immediate neighborhood and there were probably 80% that had some sort of Christmas decorations," Gipson explained. Over the past few years participation has declined and the streets have slowly gone dark. "We've had people in our neighborhood that have been long time residents that have moved out of the neighborhood, have passed away and their homes have been purchased by other families," she said.

But this long time resident says that's not all that's keeping the decorations in the attic. In recent years vandals have tried to ruin the Christmas spirit in the neighborhood. "It was very disheartening but we were determined that someone else can't take our joy from us. We went to get more lights if that's what it took," Gipson said. Now, her and others just hope the lights don't fade away completely. They want to keep Englewood lit up. "That's what we call it lighting up, lighting up Englewood and we would love to see it in all of its brightness as it was when we first got started."