Lufkin Police Report - 12/11/07

THEFT/B: 300 BLOCK OF HUNTERS CREEK. Complainant reported that she let her Chihuahua outside Monday evening and the dog disappeared.  The complainant believes the dog was stolen.

ASSAULT/C: 2900 BLOCK OF SOUTH JOHN REDDITT. Complainant reported that her son-in-law shoved her out of a doorway at his home twice during a disturbance Monday evening.  The victim had no injuries.

THEFT/B: 2200 BLOCK OF FIRST. Complainant reported seeing a known suspect come in with a group of people and shoplift two shirts from a store.  The complainant was able to retrieve the shirts but the suspect left the scene.  Afterwards, the complainant found several empty boxes on the jewelry counter where the three women from the group had been huddled together.

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF: 1300 BLOCK OF SLACK. Complainant reported that her son went to her house Monday morning and kicked the front door several times, denting the door and damaging some Christmas decorations on the door.

FORGERY/COUNTERFEITING: 3000 BLOCK OF SOUTH JOHN REDDITT. A possible counterfeit $100 bill was found at a store.  The bill was not exchanged for merchandise and the person with the bill said they got it when they cashed a check at another store.

BURGLARY OF A VEHICLE: 3600 BLOCK OF NORTH MEDFORD DRIVE. Complainant reported that his truck was broken into over the weekend and a toolbox was stolen.

FORGERY/COUNTERFEITING: 200 BLOCK OF GOBBLERS KNOB. Complainant reported that a known suspect had deposited five forged traveler's checks in his account in late November.