Ramnath Back In Court

by Christa Lollis

When Priya Ramnath entered the federal courthouse today, she and her attorney were hoping it would be the last day she would wear a prison uniform. "Today we were hoping that Judge Hines would take all the documentation and arguments of both the government and Priya Ramnath and make a decision on bail. That's what we were hoping for," Al Charanza explained. That's not what happened though. The judge listened but still needs more time to make a decision.

He told Ramnath he knew she was probably getting impatient. He also said that, "bail with extradition is an unusual benefit accorded to the accused". Her attorney thinks if this had all happened in the U.S. things would have been different. "She is being prosecuted for a crime that the UK has done a poor job in investigating, a poor job in seeking extradition and don't have enough evidence to say that a crime was committed and I don't believe any physician in the U.S. would be prosecuted for similar circumstances."

Ramnath's been in jail since November 30th but she could get out as early as next week on bail. It all depends on what the judge decides. "Being in jail is not a place that anyone wants to be, especially Priya Ramnath when she feels she's falsely accused of a crime." So now, family and friends will wait and Charanza is hoping he's been persuasive enough. The judge said if she does get bail he hopes to schedule the extradition hearing within 30 days of her release from jail.