Transfer Brings Swagger to S.F.A.

Lufkin's Jeremy Claybon has his eyes set on the starting quarterback job at S.F.A.  But after signing day, things got much tougher.   Claybon already has to battle fellow sophomore to be Jeremy Moses.   Now the Jacks have brought in a transfer from Central Michigan.

Duane Brooks played ten games for Central Michigan last year.  Brooks was a standout during his high school career at MacArther High in Texas.  Brooks is the new guy, but wants the starting quarterback job.

"If you put me on the same level as anybody else, I don't feel like anyone's going to do a better job," Brooks says.  "I understand they (Claybon and Moses) played, but going 0-and-11 doesn't prove very much. I've got a fresh start and if things go my way this will be my team next year."

Brooks will be entering his junior season.  He said he regrets not signing with S.F.A. out of high school and has wanted to make the move the last two years.