Iraq School Supplies

by Christa Lollis

SGT. James Cox, from Nacogdoches, has been in the army for 18 years. He's in Iraq for the third time but the war isn't the only thing on his mind. "The last school building that my son and them went through, they didn't find the school building. They found an armory, they found guns and stuff," Jo Cox tells about her son's experience. Since then his division has made it a mission to not only fight for America but also for the children of Iraq. "Where the schools were destroyed form Hussein, the have built schools for them with bunkers of their own and now they're wanting supplies," Cox said. Now, the schools are there and his unit is asking the community to donate school supplies. James says the kids are ready to learn but they need some simple things to get started. "Anything from backpacks to paper, pens, anything for the girls and boys," she explains. So Jo is hoping East Texans will come together no matter what their beliefs. "I know a lot of people are against that war. I'm against the war. I wish my son was home with us, but they're there. He says it's his job and since they are there I wish people would just open their heart and help," Cox told KTRE.

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SGT. Joseph J. Cox

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