Priya Ramnath Back in Court

The thought of being sent to another country to face manslaughter charges might scare some people, but not Priya Ramanth.

Ramnath's US attorney Al Charanza said, "Doctor Ramnath's in a very good mood! She's looking foward to actually returning so she can address these issues in the United Kingdom."

Ramath turned herself in to US Marshals today in Lufkin. They will turn her over to British authorities. Once in the United Kingdom, Ramath will go to court to fight a manslaughter charge that stems from the 1998 death of a patient who was under her care in a UK hospital.

"When she took the oath, she didn't mean to destroy anybody. She was trying to help the lady," said Lalita Mistry, a friend of Ramnath's.

Ramnath has a large group of supporters here in Lufkin. They tell us Ramnath is more than ready to return to the UK.

Ramnath's friend Amrat Rowjee told us, "She wants to end this once and for all because she feels she's innocent and that's the reasons she's decided she wants to go to London and get it over with."

"She went very willingly. She went very willingly. She's going to want to do it for her family's sake and for her sake," Mistry said.

Ramanth will remain in custody at the Angelina County jail until British authorities arrive for her.