Women's Career Conference

by Christa Lollis

440 middle school girls traveled from Houston, Louisiana and across East Texas to come to SFA to find out what career they might be good at. They went to different sessions to learn what interests them. "They're all about different careers so the girls can experience working with ladies that are good in these careers and that will give them an opportunity to find out about some careers maybe they didn't know about," Kathryn Robertson an AAUW member explains.

It's called expanding your horizons and it's hosted by the American Association of University Women. It's the groups way of making sure these young girls are ready for any career they choose. Robertson said, "To know what's out there so they can take appropriate courses in high school and we also encourage them to take college courses because many of these careers would not be available to them if they didn't take the correct courses in high school and college." That's why they're getting the girls in now before they start getting too close to graduation. It gives them time to plan and possibly find a career they never even knew about. "Some of these probably the girls never knew they could do. There's all sorts of different careers that we have workshops available and just give them an option to find out more," Robertson said. And though this year was the largest group, organizers say next year they're hoping for more so that the number of women in the workforce will continue increasing.