Teens Are Abusing Benadryl to Get High

Published: Feb. 26, 2008 at 4:16 AM CST
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Monday evening, all of the Angelina County Drug-Free All-Stars were recognized for their hard work and their important message to stay drug free and to get others to do the same.

Rachel Ooates, a senior at Diboll High School, said, "It's really amazing.  We get to go around and help kids in the community and teach them that they don't need drugs to have fun and be a successful person."

But, now they have to worry about teenagers who abuse common medicines that treat colds and allergies like Benadryl. Taken in high doses, it can create highs.

And both of the teenagers the East Texas News spoke with say they know of classmates who have talked about abusing medicine or who have.

Shelby Portwood, a senior at Lufkin High School, said, "I have a friend who, last year, took a an entire box of Sudafed in class, in the middle of the school day.  We had to take care of him, his heart was racing out of control, and he had no idea what was going on around him.  And, it's just sad to see a terrible thing happen to a good person."

Her friend ended up being ok, but now the Drug Free Coalition hopes that parents are taking note.

Sheila Adams, of the Drug Free All-Stars, said, "Make sure even baby Benadryl is locked up and children's Tylenol, make sure it is all locked up and they don't know where it is."