Storm Hits Lufkin

The Lufkin area got some of the worst weather. It knocked out the power for some people in Lufkin. The biggest outage was in the timberland and chestnut area. Even brookshire brothers lost power for a while.

Oncor Electric Delivery Area Manager David Collier said, "That was due to lightning as it came through. Most of the outages that have happened here in the Angelina and Lufkin area have been due to lightening and probably high winds and trees."

Oncor officials say during storms like today's, trees getting knocked down are always a big concern.

"When we have storms that is a typical thing. Due to the high winds and the many trees we have in East Texas it's probably the nature of the business that it occurs. You just can't seem to stop the trees from falling."

The main concern with falling trees is safety. Another danger that keeps Oncor officials busy during storms are downed powerlines.

"Obviously we don't want anybody shocked. Downed powerlines could still be energized. Whether they're on the ground or not they still could be energized," Collier told us.

Oncor officials say if you see a downed powerline you should call them or 911 immediately. They also tell us they were able to restore most of the power within a couple of hours.