Lufkin Police Report - 4/22/08

ASSAULT:  1500 BLOCK OF BRIARWOOD Two teenaged boys reported mutual assault during a confrontation during a pickup football game.  Both claimed the other hit them first.  One had a mark on his arm and the other had a small cut to his elbow.

THEFT:  2200 BLOCK OF S FIRST ST.  Complainant reported that an employee's cash register came up short by a substantial amount Monday evening and they suspect employee theft.

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF:  1800 BLOCK OF SAYERS ST.   Complainant reported that her husband forced her to stop her car by pulling in front of her and stopping Monday afternoon and that he then hit her car window with his fist and broke it out.

DOMESTIC DISTURBANCE:  3300 BLOCK OF LOTUS LN.  Complainants reported mutual assault and criminal mischief during a disturbance Monday.  Two women reported that the other damaged their car and assaulted them.  Both reported that the other started it.  One car was keyed, one car had the seats cut.  Both stated the other did damage first and they retaliated.  Neither party wished to file charges.

HARASSMENT: 2500 BLOCK OF JOHN REDDITT.  Complainant reported receiving numerous harassing text messages from a known suspect.

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF: 900 BLOCK OF PERSHING.  Complainant reported that her live-in boyfriend cut all four of her car tires after an argument Monday afternoon.

FRAUD: 1400 BLOCK OF N WARREN ST.  Complainant reported that an unknown person used her debit card information to make an unauthorized purchase at a store in Tennessee.