Nac's QB Battle

by Coleman Swierc

As the Nacogdoches Dragons took the field this week for spring football,  several questions took center stage.

"If you don't play spring ball, you spend all summer wondering can Joe hit?" Head Coach Bill Harper says.  "Can Joe play safety?  We try to get those questions answered now."

The loss of 32 seniors have left the Dragons looking for starters in several spots.  None more obvious than behind center.

"Not having quarterback and not having a proven center, offensively those are the two people that get things started," Harper says.

Three year starter Justin McAninch is gone and the job is up for grabs.

"I think I have a pretty good chance of making it," Quarterback Courtney Patton says. "I just have to earn my spot."

Patton, a future junior and future sophomore Jacob Howard took snaps during the week.  Throw in Chase Wallace, who is playing baseball, and the nothing has been settled yet.

"It still comes down to what happens in the fall," Patton says.  "We are still going to have to compete for it, we just have to compete and see what happens."

"The quarterback position as all the other positions, are up for grabs," Harper says.

Come the fall there could be three answers to the question who will be quarterback?

For now, Harper will keep his answers up for grabs.