Landfill Expansion

by Christa Lollis

The trucks keep coming in to the Angelina County landfill as the day goes on. Dumping trash from across East Texas. "We're a regional landfill and there's about a hundred and twenty landfills in the state of Texas where there used to be like hundreds," Chris Fitzgerald, landfill manager explains. So Corrigan, San Augustine, they all come here. And even though there's still 18 years left in this landfill, the trash is piling up and the county is taking action. There's a contract on 372 acres judge Wes Suiter hopes goes through. "The timing it takes to get licensing for the site from TCEQ and getting the permits it takes to open the landfill to open new cells we need to start now preparing for that so when the time does come we're ready to take on that additional demand."

And with the growth East Texas is seeing, the county is expecting the life expectancy of the landfill to get shorter and shorter as the piles get bigger and bigger. Once the trash in the landfill extends to the tree line that's all the land that the county has that's why they're trying to buy directly behind the landfill to help solve that problem. A strategy by the county to save tax payer dollars. Suiter explains, "The cost of having to find a landfill some other place around the county and then maintaining two landfills one post closure and then one open that would be astronomical the cost on that would just, I have no idea I can't even imagine what that would be."

The contract is on the table and if all goes well, the land will be in the counties hands in a few weeks. The new acreage will give East Texas at least 50 years of room for trash.