Up Close And Personal

It was just another ordinary day at the sand bar until some unexpected guests arrived. Bridget De Peralta saw a school  of sharks headed directly for her  family.

"I was yelling and trying to tell people get out," said De Peralta. "I was trying to make my husband get out and i thought he would make all his friends get out too.

Most of them did.   But a few stayed in the water.   They seemed mesmerized by the action taking place right before their eyes.

Shark expert Randy Honebrink determined there are several species in the school, and the largest one is definitely worthy of respect.

"The biggest  one that we saw there is definitely a good sized shark, and anything that is 8 feet or bigger can certainly do some serious damage to people," said Honebrink.

In a matter of minutes, they were all gone, but the vision of sharks swimming around her family and friends remain.